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  • Stanze: 5
  • Mq: 400 m2
  • Area:
  • Via: **
  • Piano: 1
  • Tipologia: Mattoni
  • Serie: Casa Privata
  • Arredamento:
  • Porte in acciaio:
  • Finestre ermetiche:
  • Controsoffittatura:
  • Palazzo recintato:
  • Cucina a incasso:
  • Nuovi sanitari:
  • Nuovi radiatori:
  • Ascensore:
  • Balcone:
  • Pavimento parquet:
  • Persiane:
  • Porta con codice:
Data inserimento annuncio: 24.07.2014
For sale an house, with a beautiful location - in the center of Adazi , Vejupes shore. Land - 1,573 m2, the house - 352.7 m2 and a sauna - 52m2. Finding is consistent with the condition of the minimum value required, for a real estate transaction for obtaining a residence permit and the property is not burdened with a bank loan commitments.\r\nThe current owner with their skilled professionals are ready to make a new construction project technical adaptation (home project has been developed in the 2011th year, the plan is thought out), interior design and complete construction (according to the certified engineering calculations still have to invest EUR from 100,000 to 150,000, depending on the buyer's a certain standard). Market prices for similar finished properties in good place in Vejupe, is a minimum around 300,000 euros. When purchasing new construction with the aim of completing the construction of part of the purchase price of the common buyer to retain as a security deposit as security / pre-construction deposit. The precise amount of the final agreed has been made of the technical design of the adaptation, coordinated interior and agreement of both materials and construction of all final option, because it affects all construction costs. Construction estimate will be divided into parts and customer payments are made in installments. \r\nThe home has been completed and the remaining amount of the receipt is considered to be the moment when the house is completed and connected to all utilities, with out waiting furniture, kitchen, lamps and so on.

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